David Vokes is an Auckland based Otolaryngologist Head & Neck Surgeon with international expertise in Laryngology and Head & Neck Surgery

As a Laryngologist, David has expertise and training in disorders of the voice, upper airway and swallowing.  As a Head & Neck Surgeon, David has expertise and speciality training in the management of neck lumps, salivary gland disorders, thyroid surgery, and in the treatment of Head & Neck Cancer (cancers of the voice box, throat, mouth and neck).

Dr David Vokes believes that mutual understanding is crucial to providing the very best personalized medical and surgical care. David seeks to ensure that he understands each person’s concerns and how their symptoms affect them. After completing his evaluation, he then seeks to help each person reach an understanding of their diagnosis and the treatment options available, so that each person is able to make an informed decision regarding their care.

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David collaborates with a large and varied group of colleagues to achieve the best outcomes for people with disorders in the head & neck region. These colleagues include other Otolaryngologists, Surgeons from other specialties, Nurses, Speech Language Therapists, Oncologists, Neurologists and Endocrinologists. 

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David’s practice at the Mt Hobson Specialist Centre is equipped with the full range of diagnostic technology, including videostroboscopy and oesophagoscopy, as well as state of the art therapeutic technology, including in office injections and the TruBlue Laser, to provide the highest standard of care.

David holds both private and public hospital appointments, which optimizes access for his patients to the most appropriate care. David performs most of his surgery in private at Gillies Hospital in Epsom and at Ascot Hospital in Green Lane. He undertakes transoral robotic surgery at Brightside Hospital or at Southern Cross North Harbour. David performs his surgery in public at Auckland City Hospital.

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