Our goal is to deliver expert care for your patients

If your patient has an urgent problem, please either indicate this on your written referral or call the office directly to arrange an urgent appointment. We are usually able to see an urgent patient within 7 days.

We accept referrals via all the usual channels, including: 

If you are unsure about whether or not a referral is indicated, or about the urgency of a referral, or if you would simply like to discuss a case, please call Dr Vokes via the office or his mobile. He may not be available instantly (if he is operating or consulting) but he will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here is a list of “red flag” ear, nose and throat/head and neck symptoms that require acute or urgent review, as they may represent a neoplasm, airway compromise, or be associated with important long-term sequelae:

Stridor: noisy breathing with inspiration, or with inspiration and expiration
Neck lump: especially concerning in anyone over 40 years of age
Dysphonia: voice change of more than 3 weeks duration
Sore throat: especially if localized to one side of the throat
Bleeding from the airway: especially recurrent episodes of fresh blood spat or coughed out through the mouth, or recurrent bleeding from the nose
Swallowing difficulty: sticking of solid food, especially if it is progressively worsens
Swallowing difficulty: choking with liquids or solids, suggesting aspiration
Unilateral otalgia: ear pain on one side with a normal ear on examination
Unilateral hearing loss: especially if a unilateral middle ear effusion is found in an adult
Facial palsy: weakness of the entire face (upper and lower), especially if the onset is onset and/or it is progressive
Facial anesthesia: numbness of the face with no history of trauma

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