Laryngologist, Head and Neck Surgeon David Vokes is sitting and smiling at the camera, dressed for an ENT consultation, dressed in a modern Navy Blue Suit, with a light blue shirt. His ENT clinical focus is on disorders of the voice, swallowing, upper airway and head and neck, Dr Vokes is a renowned and recognised Voice Doctor based in Auckland, NZ

Voice doctor Auckland NZ: Dr David Vokes


Laryngologist, Head and Neck Surgeon

Director, ENT Associates

David is an expert Voice Doctor, Laryngologist and Head & Neck Surgeon based in Auckland. A Laryngologist is a surgeon who specialises in disorders of the voice, upper airway and swallowing. A Head & Neck Surgeon is a surgeon who specialises in the treatment of Head & Neck Cancer (cancers of the voicebox, throat, mouth and neck), neck lumps, salivary gland disorders and thyroid surgery.

A graduate of the University of Auckland, David completed his training in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery in 2004, becoming a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. He then spent two years in the USA in post Fellowship subspecialty training: one year of Head and Neck Surgery and Laryngology at the University of California at Irvine, and one year of Laryngology at the University of Washington in Seattle.

David returned home to New Zealand in 2007 to take up a Consultant position at Auckland City Hospital, where he is a member of the Auckland Regional Head & Neck Unit, and the Auckland City Hospital Multidisciplinary Voice, Airway & Swallow Clinic. David also works closely with his Paediatric Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery colleagues at StarShip. In 2018, David was appointed to a leadership role as Clinical Director of the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at Auckland City Hospital.

David’s Voice Doctor clinical focus is on disorders of the voice, swallowing, upper airway and head and neck, including cancers of the larynx (voicebox), throat, mouth and neck. David has a unique set of clinical skills and expertise, including videostroboscopy (for voice disorders), laser surgery, office based laryngeal procedures, transnasal oesophagoscopy, and transoral robotic surgery.

David is committed to training and medical education. He is active in the surgical training of registrars (New Zealand’s future Otolaryngologists) and is the Director of the Laryngology Fellowship at Auckland City Hospital. He has served as the Secretary of the Training Education and Accreditation Committee of the NZ Society of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, which coordinates the surgical training of Otolaryngologists in New Zealand. He currently serves as an Examiner for the Fellowship Examination for the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

David is a member of a number of national and international professional organisations, including The New Zealand Society of ORL-HNS, The American Academy of ORL-HNS, The American Laryngological Association, The European Laryngological Society, The Laryngology Society of Australasia, and The American Head & Neck Society.

David is available for consultations in Remuera and in Takapuna on the North Shore.

Contact Details for Referrals

Phone: Office: Kim (Dr Vokes’ PA) 09 529 0399
HealthLink EDI: entassoc
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Jennifer Holmes

Speech-language Therapist

Jennifer is the Founder of ReVoice Clinic, an expert Speech-language Therapist and Yoga Therapist, and an active member of the New Zealand Speech-language Therapist’s Association.  Jennifer has more than 12 years clinical experience in public and private healthcare in New Zealand and the United Kingdom and has built strong relationships with physicians in the fields of laryngology, head and neck cancer and neurology.

Jennifer has the expertise to deliver a highly effective treatment for people with voice, upper airway disorders, and swallowing disorders.

Who would benefit from Jennifer’s expertise?

  • Jennifer is passionate about helping professionals improve their public speaking skills, communication confidence and resilience.
  • Jennifer has lived and breathed the life of a performer and is dedicated to sharing her personal and professional knowledge to help performers to create sustainable, strong voices for life.
  • Jennifer has helped many people achieve life-changing success with ReVoice Clinic’s Gender-diverse Voice and Communication Therapy Method.
  • For people with swallowing disorders, Jennifer uses her expertise in FEES (Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing) and Videofluoroscopy to create a treatment plan to restore swallowing function.

To book an appointment please email:

Jennifer Holmes is an ACC registered provider.

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